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Cambridge University

Stopping HIV Spread - Naked Scientists Specials.mp3  (BBC, ABC). Professor Chris Rudd. Interviewed by Dr. Chris Smith,

Game changing cancer cure_-Naked Scientists Special.mp3.

Journal-Le Devoir: 'Percée majeure pour le traitement du cancer' (19/7/17; 4)

CBC radio: Home Run, Montreal (25/7/17).

Journal-La Press: /actualite/ page/2/ La Press, 30/8/17 Recent advances in cancer therapy

Journal-LeBel Âge. Un chercheur d'ici sur la bonne piste pour vaincre plus de cancers | (30/8/17)

Radio Canada (CBC): 7/10/2018 Les annees lumiere Le prix Nobel de Medicine 2018: Un mecanisme cellulaire utilise contre le cancer.


Journal-Endpoints: Daniel O'Day snatches another I/O company, buying half of a pioneering cancer drug discoverer's biotech. Jason Mast on June 23rd, 2020.

University of Essex, Scientists at Essex are part of breakthrough research which has uncovered a new cell therapy approach that boosts immune cell activity in malignant tumours. /2013/10/03/scientists-discover-mutant

Prostate Cancer Support Group Newsletter: New Cellular Immunotherapy for Cancers (Nov 1019) Cancer treatment: A researcher makes breakthrough immunotherapy discovery (25-Oct-2019)

e-Cancer: A researcher makes breakthrough immunotherapy discovery (25th Oct 2019) Cancer treatment: A researcher makes breakthrough immunotherapy discovery (October 25, 2019).

News Medical Life Sciences. New cellular immunotherapy for cancers (Oct 26th, 2019)

Oncogene News. New way found to boost immunity in fight cancer and infections (July 23, 2017)

TalkRadio (UK) byLuke Dola. Researchers in Canada have potentially found a way to beef up the immune system's response to cancer and various infections (July 27, 2017).